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Animal Behavior Lab
animal instincts
animal minds
animal mourning SA july 13
Biology of sin Discover 09
compass within animal navigation SA jan 12 (2)
compass within animal navigation SA jan 12
cooperation evolution DISC 12
crush point BASN 12
DNA is not destiny
dog innner lives DISC
empathy evolution article
empathy instinct
end of morality (behavior evo)
end of morality disc july 2011
EO Wilson interview
evo of cooperation SA jul 12
feedback loop BASN 12
Is war inevitable DISC
Kindest cut bioethics of transplants
love of lemurs
mind theorist interview SA dec12
nature of violence
octpous sucker biology SA
olfaction in primates
orchid children (genes + behavior)
prejudice defense DISC june 13
psychopath adaptive traits SA oct 12
ruffled feathers
Science of Decisions (Penn)
Selfless Gene altruism essay
SFA mortifying reflections
SFA rape of caenis
SFA the animal within
SFA what is human
SKEPTIC political irrational
Swingers Bonobo behavior essay
The Anatomist of Crime Penn December 2013
The Interpreter language essay
Truth about grit
wisdom of psychopaths SA oct 12