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2011PJAS Final PPTS
Anselmo AP Mike's Final independent project
antimicrobial effects on house cleaners PJAS PPT Clayton Gentilcore UPDATED9001
Barbour Antimicrobial Effects of Garlic Extract
Beck Petroleum%20Affects%20On%20Yeast%20Survivorship[1][1]
Beiriger Carbo effects on UV stressed cells PJAS 2011
Brugger Alcohol Effects TRIO
CBS and RAMAN spectra Maier 2011
cell polarization inlfuence on wing development PJAS Gregory 2010-11d
Connolly Brendan PJAS Tobacco
Connor Hayes,fuel effects on microbes PJAS 2011
Constantine protein on C2C12 PJAS Final Power Point
DeSantis John PJAS Oil Pollution's Effect on Microbes 2011
DeSantis Micahel Antimicrobial Effects of Sunscreen
Divito UV Influence on Viral Infection
Doyle pH and transformation PJAS2011
Ebbert Exploring Pharmacokinetic Equations and Their Applications
Esposito PJAS 2011 PP
Grabiec 1-20-11
Grabiec new Honey Antimicrobial Effects
Grabiec PRSEF Honey Antimicrobial Effects
Herbst Oil of Oregano Effects on Microbial Flora
Jack Leech C2C12 PJAS ppt 2011
Joe Gault Vit. E Effects on Yeast
Kelly Hyland PJAS 2011
Larkin Finalized_Antimicrobial_Effects_of_Copper_Teddy_Larkin-1
Long alcohol effects on microbes pjs powerpoint
Luis Espinoza-Delgado, Ibuprofen Effect on Prokaryotic Gene Expression
Mckinstry C2C12 The Effects of Stress on Post-Natal Stem
McKinstry Procedure
McNulty adrenaline efffects of stem cells PJAS Final
O'Connor TAML and pesticide FINAL PJAS project
Obeid The Effects of Calcium on the Human Microbial
Pittman Temperature Effect on Fermentation
Pizzutti UV on Yeast Respiration
PLeech Yohimbe influence on a mammalian stem cell line PJAS
Ryan Kramer TAML decontamination of microbes Final
Senchak Oil of Oregano. Alex Senchak
Wasson The Effect of Honey on E. Coli
Zane Stiles Cranberry effects on bacteria