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Alex Senchak Silver PJAS slides
Andy Haky-Fertilizer Effects on Acid Rain Stressed Algae 2
Andy Haky-Fertilizer Effects on Acid Rain Stressed Algae
Beiriger amino acid remediation of stressed yeast pjas slides
Campbell Abstract
Campbell Greg fruit fly wing genetics Sci Proj 2010-2
Carnivale The Effect of Clorox disinfecting wipes on the survivorship of E
creatine effects on stressed C2C12 cells DERENZO
Divito X-Ray Radiation Effects on Plasmid Gene Expression
Ebbert Anti-Oxidant Remediation of UV-Stressed Earthworms
Eric Carnivale clorox wipes effects on bacteria Final PJAS Powerpoint
FRANK VOZZA beverage effects on enamel presentation slides
FRANK VOZZA presentation slides
Genetics of flies Greg Sci Proj 2010-78 over
Growth factor effects on MDSC Walther PJAS 2010
Henry Walther pjas abstract
Herbst PJAS Synopsis
Herbst Soy Product Effects on Microbial Flora
Herbst Title Page
Hudak Major Project Procedure
J Beiriger pjas slides
Jason Beiriger amino acid remediation of uv stressed yeast Jason%20Beiriger%20pjas%20slides[1]
Jedema Abstract for PRSEF
Jedema abstract
Jedema title
JLeechPJAS JL 2010
Kline display abstract 2010
Kline Junior PPT Presentation CCHS and PITT DEK Jr
Kramer Abstract
Larkin field turf microbial survivorship pjas powerpoint intro
Leech Abstract PJAS
Leech pesticide effects on yeast 2010 PJAS powerpoint
Leech PJAS abstract 2010
Lightwave inluence on algae Wyda
Luke Beck water source effects on algal growth Pjas Powerpoint
mark carnivale green cleaner effects on microbes PJAS Presentation Final Copy
McFall coffee effects on E coli Final Slideshow
McFall PJAS title page
McFall PRSEF abstract
metabolic enhancer effects on microbes Brunner PJAS 2010 FINAL
Mouthwsh and salt efects on algae David Stragar PJAS 2010
Patrick Leech drug effects on algae PJAS 2010
PDerenzo PJAS Abstract
Pesticide effects on Yeast Jack Leech PJAS 2010
Phage Report-Hank Potosnak 03-30-10
Phage Report-Hank Potosnak-Attachment 1-Procedure
Phage Report-Hank Potosnak-Attachment 2-Results
Phillip DeRenzo PJAS PowerPoint
Ryan Kramer Food coloring degradation by TAML PJAS Final Copy
Sabatini selenium effects on yeast mutagenesis Project 2009-2010
Schapira AP_Bio_PJAS_Award_Abstract_3_18_10
Skeba abstract
Vince Balestrino Pure Water
vit C effects on yeast mutagenesis Chekan PJAS 2010
Vozza PJAS Abstract
Williams abstrizact
Wolf testosterone effects on C2C12 cells Final 2009-2010 pjas presentation