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2015 stem cell projects
anthony williams pjas 2015- central catholic_pesticide on mg63 (2)
CCHS Clayton Gentilcore Coenzyme Q-10 Effects on Mammalian Cell Behavior
CCHS Justin Beiriger Milk Supplementation Effects on Fibroblastic Stem Cells
CCHS Lucian Marcus Effects of Xenoestrogens on MG-63 Cancer Cells
CCHS Zane Stiles L-arginine remediation of 3T3
cell culture projects 2016
Clayton Gentilcore Kale Remediation of Stressed 3T3 Cells
Colleen Doyle Effects of Saccharin on C2C12 and MG63 Cells
Dadoo 3T3 PJAS Presentation
Doyle- L-Arginine
Ishan 2009 PJAS Presentation Slides v4
Kellen Carleton Adult Stem Cell Interaction With Engineered Scaffolds
Kline display abstract 2010
Kline Junior PPT Presentation CCHS and PITT DEK Jr
McFall sweetener effects on cancer cell proliferation
Mckinstry C2C12 The Effects of Stress on Post-Natal Stem
Nese Central Catholic 14 Resveratrol effects on 3T3
Patrick Doyle- L-Arginine
PJAS Presentation Slides v1
PLeech Yohimbe influence on a mammalian stem cell line PJAS
Sehgal Proliferative Study of Adipose Derived Stem Cells
Sonali Dadoo PJAS 2012
Steven Prosser CCHS TAML Degraded Estrogen Effects on Cell Behavior 1
TE project Paper (edited) FINAL
Tyler Barkich Cell Phone Radiation Effects on Cancer Barkich Final
Wolf testosterone effects on C2C12 cells Final 2009-2010 pjas presentation
Xenoestrogen Effects on Stem Cell Behavior MARIA DERENZO (2)